Hello! My name is Felicia Curtin!

Several years ago as a Former RN I became Disabled from an on the job crash in an ambulance.  After struggling to return to work several times I decided to put all of my attention into working from home.  In time, the State of Maine legalized Medical Marijuana (MMJ), needless to say I was desperate to become a patient and get off of opioids.  This whole process interested me in the science of Cannabis and Hemp.  The differences are in the plant.  Cannabis has a psychoactive effect.  Hemp does not but can STILL treat many Diseases and Disorders to give a Return to Quality of Life.

Reimaginehemp.com was built to help people start implementing Hemp Products into our everyday lives and start replacing the PLASTICS in industries that have our oceans FULL OF PLASTIC, have us INGESTING PLASTICS, NOW IN OUR DNA.  Disgusted by our own destructions I decided MY affiliate website blog was going to be about replacing the plastics!

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We can ALL implement hemp products into our everyday lives and more and more each day and easier everyday!

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